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The Science of Meditation

Relaxation of the Mind 1. Live from instant to instant, from moment to moment, without the painful weight of the past, without worrying about the future. 2. Relax the mind; empty it of all kinds of thoughts, desires, passions, etc. 3. Do not accept any thought inside...

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Esoteric Discipline of the Mind

1. Meditation is the esoteric discipline of the Gnostics . 2. Meditation has three steps: concentration, Meditation, and samadhi. 3. Concentration means to fix the mind on only one object. Meditation means to reflect upon the substantial contents of that one object....

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The meaning of freedom is something that has not yet been understood by humanity. Always presented more or less erroneously, very serious mistakes have been made about the concept of freedom. Certainly, we struggle for a word. We come to absurd conclusions; we commit...

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Practical Meditation

1- Importance of an Ethical Base “First, purify your mind and your heart through the practice of a right conduct and then dedicate yourself to the practice of concentration. Concentration without purity of mind and heart makes no sense. Some foolish and impatient...

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The Revolution of Meditation

"The technique of Meditation permits us to arrive at the heights of illumination and the revolution of the dialectic. We must distinguish between a mind that is still and a mind that is stilled by force. When the mind is stilled by force, it is really not still. It is...

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The Revolution of the Dialectic

Monotheism always leads to anthropomorphism (idolatry), which by reaction originates materialistic atheism. This is why we prefer polytheism.We are not afraid to talk about the intelligent principles of the mechanical phenomena of nature, even if people...

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A Hindu Legend

An ancient Hindu legend tells us that there was a time when all men who lived on Earth were gods. But men abused their divinity so much that Brahma, the supreme god, decided to deprive them of the divine breath within them and to hide it where they could never find it...

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