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What Is Gnosis?

Gnosis is a type of knowledge that is derived from personal experience and cannot be learned through traditional methods such as reading or listening to lectures. It is the understanding of spiritual truths that comes from within and is the foundation of all genuine spiritual traditions. Gnosis is an ancient path of knowledge that leads to self-realisation and spiritual liberation. It is a holistic form of wisdom that encompasses spirituality, philosophy, science, and art, aiming to awaken higher states of consciousness and inner divinity.

Gnosis promotes unity and understanding among people by revealing the common thread of truth, love, and wisdom that exists within us all. It breaks down the illusion of separation and helps us see the divine spark within ourselves and others.

What is the aim of Gnosis?

The aim of Gnosis has always sought to provide humanity with knowledge, keys and techniques for the full development of human and spiritual potential. The signpost of Gnosis has always pointed within, the goal of Gnosis is to direct the human being to the Divine spark that lies within everyone and from there to begin the ‘work’ of inner transformation, so to once again unite with one’s particular inner individual spark.
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Origins of the Gnostic Teachings

Gnosis, also known as the “Doctrine of Synthesis,” is a comprehensive system of knowledge that combines the most essential aspects of all ancient mystery schools, religions, and esoteric systems. However, Gnosis is not derived from any one of these systems and predates all religions. It is a form of wisdom that has existed throughout history and was only revealed to those who were initiated into the mysteries.

The Gnostic teachings that are taught at centers around the world today come from the writings and practices of Samael Aun Weor, who synthesized the principles of philosophers, mystics, and adepts from all time periods into a cohesive system of knowledge and instruction.

The contemporary Gnostic movement, which began in the 1950s in Colombia, has spread to many countries across the globe, including the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa

Introduction To Gnosis Articles


If you are someone who has searched and searched and has become tired of so many theories, then as they say “you have come to the right place”. Gnosis is for those who are tired of theories and who want a practical knowledge that has a path that produces tangible and perceivable changes in themselves.

It is said in the Gnostic teachings that Gnosis lives in deeds and withers in abstractions. 

There are two doctrines, one is the doctrine of the ‘eye’ and the other is the ‘doctrine of the heart’. The doctrine of the eye is the intellectual study of esotericism or spirituality whose end result is only a head filled with information that at best comes from the experiences of others. The doctrine of the heart is different, in that it is the practical study of esotericism. It is to experience for oneself and therefore to know and be impacted directly by the experience.

The Gnostic knowledge is one that delves deeply into the cause of things, seeing beyond the visible effects and into the root that is often hidden. The experiences that can be had through the application of the Gnostic knowledge are profound and intimate, and answer some or many of the mysteries about ourselves and nature. It is said that every person is a mystery needing to be deciphered. With this being said, it is our honest conclusion that the Gnostic teachings will satisfy the sincere spiritual seeker.

Gnosis respects all spiritual traditions and sees them as different paths to the same truth. Gnosis integrates elements from various world religions, recognising the shared wisdom and common ultimate goal of self-realisation.

Gnosis is typically initiated through reading and understanding the Gnostic teachings, followed by the application of practices such as meditation, self-observation, and self-remembering in daily life. Joining a Gnostic group can also be beneficial for guidance and support.

Gnosis is considered an esoteric tradition because it deals with the inner, hidden aspects of reality and human existence. Its teachings are meant to be understood and experienced directly rather than merely accepted on faith.

Real Gnosis is the experiential knowledge of the Soul, which is beyond theory, dogma or belief

-Samael Aun Weor

I looked in churches, mosques and temples, but I found the Divine within my heart.

- Rumi

Gnosis lives in facts, withers away in abstractions, and is difficult to find even in the noblest of thoughts.

-Samael Aun Weor

God is to be found not in religion, not in systems but in discovering truth in every little thing. Truth is not far away but very near.

- Krishnamurti

Knowing oneself is having achieved identification with one’s own Divine Being.

- Samael Aun Weor

Consciousness has the potential to increase to an infinite degree.

– The 14th Dalai Lama

Let it be understood that Self-Realisation is the harmonious development of the entire infinite of human possibilities.

- Samael Aun Weor