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Gnosis is the ancient wisdom that leads to the Self Realisation.
We study a wide variety of topics which include meditation, esoteric psychology,  psychic development, kaballah, alchemy and many more spiritual subjects .

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About Gnosis

Gnosis is a type of knowledge that is derived from personal experience and cannot be learned through traditional methods such as reading or listening to lectures. It is the understanding of spiritual truths that comes from within and is the foundation of all genuine spiritual traditions. Gnosis promotes unity and understanding among people by revealing the common thread of truth, love, and wisdom that exists within us all. It breaks down the illusion of separation and helps us see the divine spark within ourselves and others.

Esoteric Studies
& Meditation

Gnosis is a form of wisdom that involves exploring various subjects such as psychology, mysticism, and esotericism through classes and meditation. Our classes cater to both beginners and those with more experience, and cover a range of topics designed to help us get to know ourselves more deeply.

We also introduce meditation techniques in a gradual, tension-free way, allowing individuals to experience the benefits of meditation and gradually increase their practice over time. Gnosis is a practical wisdom that anyone with good intentions and a good heart can benefit from and use to live a more peaceful, serene life and to better understand their true selves as a soul or divine spark.

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Articles & Resources

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Division of Attention

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Astral Projection

Astral Projection

We have much to tell in regard to projections of the eidolon and suprasensitive travels out of the physical body. In the moments that I write these...

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The Marvellous Ladder

The Marvellous Ladder

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