About Gnosis Courses

The Melbourne Gnostic centers offer weekly classes for anyone interested in learning about Gnosis, a type of knowledge that is gained through direct experience and focuses on the inner knowledge of a human being. These classes do not require students to follow a specific belief system or religion and instead aim to develop all of our human and spiritual potential. The classes cover a range of universal principles of self-discovery and inner development that can be found in the sciences, philosophies, arts, and spiritual traditions of different cultures throughout history.

By applying these principles in our lives, we can create real, immediate, and lasting positive change, as well as increased freedom and happiness. The classes are open to anyone, but consistent weekly attendance is recommended as the material builds upon itself. Students are free to stop attending at any time with no further obligations.

Topics of Exploration

We explore a wide range of esoteric, psychological and mystical subjects.

Introduction to Gnosis

  • What is Gnosis?
  • The 4 Pillars – Science, Philosophy, Art and Religion

The Four Ways

  • The Fakir – Order and discipline in life and the esoteric work
  • The Monk – Devotion, prayer, developing the faculties of the heart
  • The Yogi – Esoteric study and practice, self knowledge
  • The 4th Way – The ‘Straight and Narrow’ The Esoteric path, or path to enlightenment

The Two Lines of Life

  • Raising our level of Being
  • Happiness and balance in life
  • The Being and the personality (the Spiritual and the Physical)

Need and Greed

  • Human needs, moderation
  • The mechanism of sensation and satisfaction

Consciousness, Personality and the Ego

  • Consciousness – developing consciousness, our essential nature, direct mystical experience
  • The many selves, or I’s, dissolving the ego.
  • The false personality – thinking and living mechanically

The Human Machine & the Pluralised “I”

  • 5 centres of the human machine – intellect, emotion, motor, instinct, sex
  • The balance of the centres.

The Three Cerebrums & How to Solve Problems

  • How to relax, manage stress, and dissolve problems
  • Balance in the mind, emotion and life

The Three Minds

  • The Sensorial Mind – The mind of the 5 senses, the material mind
  • Intermediate Mind – Mind of belief
  • Interior mind – The vehicle of the Being, objective knowledge, imagination and intuition
  • Faith and Belief

The Universal Mind

  • The cosmic/universal mind
  • The microcosmic or human mind
  • “As above, so below”, “The interior is the exterior”
  • Imagination and will
  • Mental epidemics, mental hygiene

The Spatial Sense & The Fourth Dimension

  • Intimate remembrance of the Being
  • Multidimentional universe
  • The 4th dimension, hyperspace

The Three Minds

  • The Sensorial Mind – The mind of the 5 senses, the material mind
  • Intermediate Mind – Mind of belief
  • Interior mind – The vehicle of the Being, objective knowledge, imagination and intuition
  • Faith and Belief

The Awakening of Consciousness

  • Infinite possibilties of human consciousness
  • The 4 states of consciousness
  • Techniques and practices for the awakening of consciousness

Learning How to Listen

  • Self remembering and relaxation
  • Concentration
  • Listening consciously

Return, Recurrence and Reincarnation

  • The great machinery of nature, and its intelligent laws
  • Destiny and fate
  • Liberation from repetition in life and the mind
  • Rhythm, order and balance

The Laws of Karma and Dharma

  • The law of cause and effect
  • Types of karma
  • Managing, paying and liberation from Karma
  • Dharma

The Mysteries of Life and Death

  • Physical death and mystical death
  • Energies of life and death
  • Living in the moment
  • The ray of death
  • Angels of life and death

Evolution, Involution, Revolution

  • Transmigration of the soul
  • The Wheel of Samsara
  • The mechanics of nature

The Seven Rounds and Seven Races

  • The creation of man and the world
  • The authenitc history of our humanity and our race

The Origin of the “I”

  • The angelic fall
  • The dissolution of the ego
  • The sacred fire, the sacred serpent Kundalini

The Hidden Face of our Psychological Moon

  • The visible and invisible sides of our psychology

Universal Sound

  • The creative power of the word
  • Energy, matter, vibration, movement and sound
  • Mantras

The Seven Cosmos

  • Absolute reality, Absolute Abstract Space
  • The ray of creation
  • The laws of 3 and 7
  • Our place in creation

The Tree of Life

  • Introduction to the Kabbalah
  • The 10 Sepiroth and the 4 worlds
  • The tree of life and the tree of knowledge

The Study of the Solar Human

  • Esoteric development

The Seven Types of Humans

  • Mechanical and conscious humanity
  • Instinctive, emotional and intellectual human beings
  • The balanced human being
  • The solar human being

Psychic Development

  • Sensations and impressions
  • Concept and reality
  • Spiritual development

Transformation of Impressions

  • Self knowledge
  • Transform yourself, transform your life
  • The exterior reality and the interior reality

Prana, Tattwas and Pranayama

  • The 4 elements – fire, air, water, earth
  • The Tattvas and the elementals of nature
  • The Akash, the Vital body, Pranayama

“Sexual Hydrogen” SI – 12

  • Esoteric chemistry, Alchemy
  • Sustenance and foundation of the body’s energies

Astral Travel

  • The world of dreams
  • Direct esoteric experience in the Astral world
  • Discipline and techniques for Astral travel

The Age of Aquarius

  • The Sidereal year
  • The Aquarian ray

The Pancatattwa Ritual

  • Practical Alchemy
  • Authentic White Tantra
  • The nourishment of the Being

The Initiatic Path

  • The Path of Self Realisation
  • Awakening of the Consciousness
  • Liberation of the Soul