gnostic society

About our Esoteric School

The Melbourne Gnostic Society is a school that specializes in teaching universal Gnosticism, which includes meditation, esoteric yoga, consciousness, psychology, self-transformation, esoteric anatomy, the Hebraic Kabbalah, alchemy, sacred sexuality or tantra, Kundalini, clairvoyance, psychic powers, dream yoga, astral projection, spiritual initiation, tarot, runes, astrology, Buddhism, and other spiritual subjects.

Our approach to spirituality is comprehensive and includes teachings from both Eastern and Western traditions, rather than focusing on just one specific religion. We seek to help individuals transform their consciousness and achieve a reunion with divinity while also working towards the alleviation of suffering for all beings. Through our lectures and practical exercises, students learn to identify, understand, and intuitively recognize the universal thread connecting all religions, which is the experiential wisdom of an awakened consciousness.

What is a Gnostic
Esoteric School?

An esoteric school is a place of learning that teaches specialized knowledge and experiences that are hidden or not commonly known by society.

This type of school caters to those who have a sincere interest in learning about the mysteries of life and seeks to initiate them into the practical realization of this knowledge. An esoteric school not only teaches the traditions and lineage of knowledge passed down by spiritual masters, but also provides the practical methods for achieving spiritual realization and revelation.

It is through a deep understanding of this inherited knowledge that an esoteric school maintains itself and adapts to better serve humanity. At the heart of an esoteric school is a love for the light and for humanity, as it is through the light that we can better serve and help others.

The ultimate goal of a true esoteric school is to provide a clear path back to the divine origin of humanity.

Origins of the Gnostic Teachings

Gnosis, also known as the “Doctrine of Synthesis,” is a comprehensive system of knowledge that combines the most essential aspects of all ancient mystery schools, religions, and esoteric systems. However, Gnosis is not derived from any one of these systems and predates all religions. It is a form of wisdom that has existed throughout history and was only revealed to those who were initiated into the mysteries.

The Gnostic teachings that are taught at centers around the world today come from the writings and practices of Samael Aun Weor, who synthesized the principles of philosophers, mystics, and adepts from all time periods into a cohesive system of knowledge and instruction. The contemporary Gnostic movement, which began in the 1950s in Colombia, has spread to many countries across the globe, including the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.